Tummy tuck is a type of plastic surgery that removes extra fat and skin on your abdominal wall to help flatten your stomach. These are perfect for those who want to have the flat tummy but can’t obtain it with just regular abdominal exercises.

Who can undergo tummy tuck?
Any client who is in good health and is willing to do exercise post operatively is a good candidate for this type of plastic surgery. This procedure is good for people who were once obese or had multiple pregnancies.

Who should not get the surgery?
Clients who plan to get pregnant anytime soon are not advised to undergo such procedure. Pregnancy may cause the operative site to stretch and separate, therefore, it may be dangerous. Your plastic surgeon may tell you to postpone the surgery after giving birth. Also, tummy tuck is not recommended for people who are trying to lose weight, because tummy tuck should never be an alternative to regular weight loss efforts.

How long does the surgery take?
A tummy tuck can last between an hour to five hours, depending on the extent of fat and excess skin that is to be removed. A client has to undergo general anesthesia and may need to stay overnight in the hospital.

Just like any other surgery, pain and swelling is to be expected. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for pain killers because the pain may be tough to deal with for the first 24 to 48 hours. Other complications may include:
- Infection
- Blood clot formation
- Scarring


What you should know about laser hair removal

Hair removal using high concentration of light is fast becoming one of the most sought after procedures. Laser hair removal may or may not work for all types of people. So, before setting an appointment, check out some of the things that you should know about this type of hair removal modality.

High concentrations of light or lasers target the melanin in the hairs. They also target several hair follicles in a given area which makes them effective in removing specific and unwanted hairs.

Specific body areas
Areas where unwanted hairs grow are the most common locations that are treated. They can be any of the following:
- Legs
- Back
- Chest
- Armpits
- Arms

Length of the procedure
This varies on the specific location that is being treated. Some could last for only 30 minutes while other body areas could take 2-3 hours at a time. One might also notice significant changes only after 4 to 6 laser hair removal.

Hair fall
One may notice that hair begins to fall approximately 10-14 days after your treatment. You can exfoliate around this time to help remove dead skin and hair.

Some may report pain while others feel nothing. This is also variable to the person’s tolerance level as well as the location. Generally, they describe it as a stingy feeling at some point during the duration of the treatment.

If done by a licensed, experienced and qualified physician, laser hair removal is basically safe. However, nail salons offer treatments at a much cheaper rate in order to be on top of the market. The danger lies on the inexperienced machine operator. Usual complains include, but are not limited to:
- Severe burns
- Infection
- Hyper and hypo pigmentation
- Scarring

The success rate is quite high but re-growth differs from one person to another.


Experience a Cosmetic Surgeon Must Have

It is imperative for any client who wants to undergo any plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure to know which surgeons are best suited for their needs. Along with this, clients should also look for surgeons who have vast knowledge and experience in performing procedures. Here are some of the required skills and proficiencies that your surgeon should possess:

1. Formal and proper education

This one is pretty straight forward, surgeons are required to undergo and pass their subjects which should be fulfilled in a certified school. Similar to every other healthcare professional, surgeons go through undergraduate science degree. After graduating, one should go through doctoral programs then a residency and certification. Once successful, they can proceed to fellowships and sub-specialty education.

2. Training years

Alongside education, training is also crucial for surgeons to become successful in their chosen careers. They have to accomplish certain number of scrubs or procedures in order to pass internships and even board-certifications. Number of hours are also logged which should be reported together with the procedures done.

3. Rapport

Education, training, and qualifications are all important but so are personal skills. Surgeons should posses the ability to establish rapport and make their clients feel comfortable. Many skilled surgeons are lacking in this area which puts them at risk of losing customers.


Such skills and experiences are just a few of the many things that you should look for when hiring a cosmetic surgeon. Always find the time to research and interview potential surgeons before you subject yourself under the knife.



Plastic surgery is a delicate procedure that should be done only by the right professional. Here are some reasons why it is important to find the right plastic surgeon:

1. Lower risks

No surgery is free from risks, including plastic surgeries. You can, however, minimize possible risks if you get a plastic surgeon who has vast experience and who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Certified surgeons do not only possess the best surgical hands but they will also provide you with:

  • Up-to-date surgical equipment
  • Modern facility (AAAASF-accredited Ambulatory Surgical Facility)
  • Trained staff experienced in handling emergency situations

2. Get the right solution

The right plastic surgeon has developed a refined aesthetic eye through years of practice. If you settle for a cheaper but inexperienced professional, you may not end up satisfied with your new looks.

3. Faster healing time

Plastic surgery does not end once the operation has been wrapped up. To ensure the best results, post-operative care must be properly observe. Experienced and qualified plastic surgeons have access to a wide range of post-surgery treatments that can help you recover faster and less painfully.

4. Flexible financing options

The right plastic surgeon knows how to care of his customers, both aesthetically and financially. With the high cost of plastic surgery, good plastic surgeons provide their patients with flexible financing options that will help lessen their financial load.


Want to change your appearances? You are not alone.  And then there is Cosmetic Surgery Trending in Fort Worth.
The variety of Americans which undertook cosmetic surgery has raised as much as 250 % considering that the ’90s. In 2012 alone, more than 10 million Americans have preferred to go under the knife for appeal. That number is predicted to raise by the Aesthetic Culture in years ahead.
Here are the 3 reasons cosmetic surgery is a growing news among Americans:.
1. Science has actually verified its benefits.
Numerous studies have demonstrated that cosmetic surgery can lead to favorable social and mental outcomes. Research by Dr. Margraf of Ruhr College in Germany, for instance, showed that plastic surgery patients experienced improved self-confidence and has lead happier lives compared to previously.
2. Procedure have actually enhanced.
Because procedures back then were inferior contrasted to modern-day cosmetic surgical procedure, transforming one’s appearances is not so preferred back in the ’60s. Every little thing has actually changed as experts in the field developed procedures that implemented:.
Much less scarring, Much more refined post-surgery appearance, and Faster recuperation time.
3. Cosmetic surgery innovation is much better now.
The devices used to execute cosmetic surgery back in the ’80s would show up crude compared to contemporary cosmetic surgery tools. Not only are these tools much more efficient, however they likewise aid in making the overall plastic surgery experience less uncomfortable.